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The latest issue of the online magazine dedicated to make cities walkable and livable, The Carfree Times, has been posted. 

This issue covers the upcoming release of the Carfree Design Manual, written by J.H. Crawford, is a manual that shows how to design sustainable, carfree cities that meet the needs and desires of their inhabitants. Get your copy today!

Additionally, the Carfree Times is looking for good photographs of carfree urban areas. It would be nice if we could send a few from the USA, but I’m not going to hold my breath on that… Email them to the Carfree Times and maybe your image will grace the pages of the next issue. (more…)


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From Wired Magazine’s Autopia blog:


Los Angeles and countless other cities – Phoenix, Houston and Atlanta come to mind – are far more friendly to cars than people, having been built according to land use policies that all but put people behind the wheel. It’s an unsustainable model, and it must change.

That was the message transportation planner Timothy Papandreou brought to “Expanding the Vision of Sustainable Mobility,” a symposium sponsored by the Art Center College of Design. The school could be called the Harvard of transportation design, and two-day conference drew experts in fields as varied as urban planning and aerospace engineering to discuss where the future of mobility lies.

Papandreou called for an end to “state, federal, and local land use policies that are literally forcing people to have to drive” and told Wired.com we’re on the cusp of an inevitable “mode shift” away from individual car ownership toward a greater reliance on mass transit and sustainable transport.

Read more about this at the Wired Autopia blog…

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Zero Energy Homes

One of the interesting booths at the Seattle Home Show was the Zero Energy Idea House, sponsored by Shirley Contracting. The Zero Energy Idea House  is designed to show that smart choices can result in a home that minimizes energy use, while maximizing comfort and style.


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seattlehs2009Hello folks! This weekend is the opening shot for the Seattle Home Show. I’m going to attend this Saturday to see what sort of new green technology is available and report on it here in the Living Sustainably blog.

Hopefully I’ll find some useful green technology that we can use to reduce our carbon footprint and live more sustainably. Stain tuned!

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From Ecogeek:

When one considers the myriad of things becoming hybrid, tugboats are not one of those which immediately come to mind. But in southern California (where else?) the world’s first true hybrid tug was recently unveiled…

Read more about this new hybrid tug boat at Ecogeek!

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From Seed Magazine:

In 2008 a historic landmark was crossed, with more than half the world’s population now living in urban centers. Cities have traditionally been — and continue to be — crucibles for creativity, innovation, and wealth; as such, their extraordinary growth is often associated with a rapid rise in living standards, prosperity, and quality of life. Indeed, the more-urbanized countries are, on average, richer, and the world’s two most populous countries, China and India, are undergoing unprecedented experiments in urbanization, mostly as a means of achieving greater wealth.

Read more at Seed.

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Welcome to the townhomes

Welcome to the townhomes

There’s a townhome project that was built behind my apartment complex. It was built over the period of three years. The first year they drove pilings into the marshy soil. You could hear the pounding all day long as they drove those pilings into the soil. Then they built the above project. Looks appealing, no? (more…)

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