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A Low Impact Woodland Home

A hobbit's houseSimon Dale and his father in-law decided to build their home as inexpensively as possible. So they used natural material and what they could find to build home for Simon’s family of 4. According to Simon:

This building is one part of a low-impact or permaculture approach to life. This sort of life is about living in harmony with both the natural world and ourselves, doing things simply and using appropriate levels of technology. These sort of low cost, natural buildings have a place not only in their own sustainability, but also in their potential to provide affordable housing which allows people access to land and the opportunity to lead more simple, sustainable lives.

I’ve always been a fan of underground homes, and this is the perfect example of how locally sourced materials and ingenuity can make an affordable and livable home. Sadly, in the States, it would almost be impossible to get the necessary building permits and variances to build such a home. It would not meet code standards set in stone here in the Puget Sound. Still, it’s a great idea.


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Just in from the BBC: Traffic prevents children from playing. Amazing, innit?

Kids cant play in the streets anymore.

Kids can't play in the streets anymore.

 When I grew up in Michigan, my first home town, Auburn Heights, the bunch of us kids played on the street and in our yards as there was almost no traffic on the street. These days, thanks to the media for making it seem that children are being randomly kidnapped off the streets every second, most parents won’t even let their kids play in the front yard, let alone any where near a street.


According to the BBC article, between 1973 and 2006, the proportion of children playing on UK streets fell from 75% to 15%. Two charities, Sustrans and Play Wales, are calling on planning authorities to lead the UK to build carfree housing estates, which gives a high quality of life for all its residents, particularly for children in traffic-clogged urban areas allowing them to play safely outside their front doors and travel independently. The proposals would also help cut obesity in children who are unable to play in traffic-clogged areas. The plan envisages that car parking in the new developments would be limited and situated away from people’s homes.

Read the full article at the BBC.

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