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So, if you’re like me and live in an apartment, what can you do to live more sustainably? Well for one thing, as an apartment dweller, you are already living sustainably. By living in an apartment, you are making the best use of our limited supply of land in the Puget Sound.

My apartment is 900 square feet, and I’m at the bottom of a three-story building. So right there those 900 square feet are supporting three times the population that they normally would. So yes, you can feel good about being an apartment dweller because of that.

However, if you live like the average American, well, that’s not so good. The average American produces 4.54 pounds of solid waste everyday. Of this, only 32% – 35% of this waste is recycled. 44% of what goes into our garbage is paper, cardboard and plastics. (Municipal Solid Waste In The United States: 2007 Facts And Figures) Therefore that’s the first thing you can do to reduce your footprint on this world:



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